Custom Jewelry

With a motto that states "From Concept to Completion", we believe that anyone should be able to create a custom piece. Whether its for them, their brand, or their friends, family, and loves ones we want to make sure it's special. We believe that anything is possible when it comes to Custom Jewelry, so give us your time and let us show you what we can do! 



1. Book an appointment by contacting us directly by phone or through our Instagram account @goldenwavejewelry. If out of state then we can go through email, texts, FaceTime, etc. We want to work with you! 

2. Visit our showroom or a Zoom meeting (located at 608 S. Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90014) in order to discuss and brainstorm ideas in order to create your perfect design.

3. A Fifty (50%) Percent Deposit must be placed in order to begin the molding and casting of your one of a kind design.

4. Designs are given to our molding & design team who creates a wax design of your piece. Once complete we send you pictures of the design in wax form as to give you a feel for the finished product.

5. Once OK'd by you, our casting team creates what will be the final metal casting. 

6. Once casting has been completed, our polishers and setters carefully and meticulously polish and set your Custom Piece to give it an "out of this world" shine.

7. Final Product is finished. Now we either send a shipment (once the final payment is sent) or you can come in to pick it up. If anything needs to be changed we can always accommodate as long as requests are reasonable and keep in line with what we discuss.

8. You return to us for your next piece and we go crazy round 2

Please type in below the following details:

What sort of piece are you searching for? Ring, Watch, Chain, Bracelet, Pendant, Earrings, Nose Rings, Sunglasses

What Metal would you like to use? 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k gold, or platinum

What sort of stones would you like to use? Diamond, Lab Grown CVD, Lab Grown HPHT, Moissanite

Attach any pictures related to your design below


IG: @goldenwavejewelry

Direct Contact: Jai (213) 344-7814 / Conner (818) 926-6235